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Better Fat Burner Nitty-Gritty

IT’S ABOUT TIME—don‘t you think—that we embrace a new weight loss paradigm, one that rescues us from diets of deprivation and the inevitable yo-yo aftereffect. Even our thinking and language needs to shift away from “weight loss” to “fat loss”. More specifically, a focus on sustainable fat loss is not only optimal, but it’s also a way to finally cut-the-cord on the diet yo-yo!

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Being a follower of a restrictive diet is OUT, being a consumer of fulfilling, fortifying, and flavorful food is IN. With a focus on what is innately satisfying and easily sustainable, this new paradigm, instead of providing a temporary fix, will become an enriching new way of life!

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With this change of mindset comes an understanding that losing-the-fat is contingent on keeping-the-lean. Muscle encourages those excess inches (especially around the midsection) to fall by the wayside. Under these conditions, metabolism gets a boost and the “freed” inches and fat stay lost.

Since pound-for-pound fat takes up more space than muscle, progress is best gauged using a tape measure, the fit of clothes, then-and-now selfies, as well as body composition measurements. Mostly obsolete, the bathroom scale is best kept in the closet.


Ever wonder why Low Carb and Paleo (as well as Primal, Whole30, Ketogenic…) are so crazy popular? Well, for anyone seeking sustainable fat loss, these approaches can be very effective. Do you ever wonder what the secret is behind their effectiveness? It’s something they all have in common and it’s actually the foundation of most successful and sustainable fat loss programs. Knowing this secret relieves you of having to pledge an allegiance to one particular approach. Instead, you’re free to pull—whatever strikes your fancy—from a variety of sources.

Because of this secret’s impact on health—inches down and energy up—along with its transformational effects—on physique and chronic disease—I’ve made it my mission to reveal it to as many people as possible!

Hi! I’m Blair Wirkkala, a wellness oriented RN, author, and the developer of an extremely effective and sensible fat loss program–actually it’s more of a paradigm (like I’ve been talking about).

So, the secret to most successful and sustainable fat loss programs is that they all make you a better fat burner! You can lose weight till the cows come home, but if you’re not becoming a better fat burner in the process, then the weight will find its way back to your hips.

If you’re now wondering what it takes to be a better fat burner, then know that setting your body up to easily, readily, and preferentially burn fat for your energy needs is a necessity!

How to Become a Better Fat Burner—A Video Tutorial is the best resource out there for anyone interested in not only losing weight, but losing fat; and not only losing, but keeping fat off! Revealing all the insider information (and then some) from an initial consultation, this tutorial is the easiest way to get your Better Fat Burner on!

Eye catching and viewer friendly, the 45 minute tutorial is divided into 6 short streaming video segments. This format allows you to watch each video as often as you’d like for 90 days. I encourage you to share this information (via your access email) with friends and family—everyone needs this!

Along with the videos you’ll also receive 3 PDFs including a Better Fat Burner Shopping List as well as a Typical Day of Better Fat Burner Eating.

By tapping into my Blog and my Better Fat Burner Link of the Day social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) postings, you’ll also have ongoing support and inspiration!

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I have lost 12 pounds and my husband has lost 20 pounds. Our cloths are fitting better and I really notice my stomach getting flatter, my rings are not as tight, and the best part is that I feel so much better. I love eating this way and I’m never hungry.” TJ

“Blair took my inventory and suggested I make a few minimal diet changes. I made those simple changes and lost 3.5 inches around my waist in 4 weeks. I continue to follow and live by my new eating habits; and I continue to see and feel the positive results. You will never know how good it feels to look and feel your best until you make the decision to change.” Kristy

“Just from when I first met with you, I have actually gone from 164.5lbs to 160.8lbs. Which are amazing results! I am now down to 156.3lbs using your steps and strategies. Everyone is asking how I am losing the weight and I have referred my coworkers to you.” Whitney

“3 months with 20 lbs lost, feeling so much better… I wake up earlier clear headed and less stiff and achy… not a diet, rather a life style enhancement… I have influenced 4 people to make this change because they noticed the change in me Sheila RN