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To Rock a Bikini, Eat More Tahini!

Nutrient dense, packed with protein, low in carbohydrates, provider of healthy natural fat, uniquely delicious—these are the attributes of the ultimate Better Fat Burner dressing. Made using Tahini—which is made from sesame seeds (*see below for more attributes)—this tantalizing dressing is equally appealing when used as a dip or condiment.

tahini salad

Tangy Tahini Dressing


tahini ptep

Sequentially add fresh squeezed lemon juice until tangy…

add salt and pepper to taste…

add garlic–or not (I prefer the taste without it)…

stick blend until creamy!

photo 1 (2)

Tangy Tahini Dressing will reinvigorate your desire for salad. Adding turkey meat (I buy the Applegate brand) makes it even more satisfying.

Use as a dip, along with sliced vegetables, for a balanced nutrient packed snack, side dish, or appetizer. Sliced cucumber and bell pepper, along with celery sticks, are ideal Tangy Tahini “dip sticks”–serve at  parties!

tahihi dip

Pairs especially well with poultry and fish when used as a sauce or condiment.

photo 2

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