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Orgasmic and Herbal Cortisol Management

I was pretty rough on cortisol in my last post. It is not that cortisol is a villain, on the contrary, it is an essential hormone that keeps our keel even; what makes it problematic is our abuse of it. Cortisol is meant to save our skin under dire circumstances; episodes which should be occasional […]

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Corralling Cortisol

The ovaries are the main producer of sex hormones before menopause. After the ovaries retire, the adrenals work to keep us in hormonal balance as they are a back-up producer of sex hormones and their precursors. Additionally, the adrenals modulate our response to stress by managing blood pressure and blood glucose levels, as well as […]

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Hot off the Digital Press

Menopause Happens: Own The Change!  $2.99 BUY NOW  Overview Menopause Happens: Own the Change is written for the woman who wants to retain or reclaim her vitality during the menopausal transition. This book details how to manage stress, food, fitness, fat loss, supplements, and hormones to bring on vibrant health during “the change.” As a […]

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