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Simple Summer Snack

This snack has it all–it’s creamy delicious, chills you out on a hot day, is a breeze to prepare, and comes in a tube! It’s also nutrient dense, low carb, and high in medium chain triglycerides!


Prep: In equal parts (or there bouts) add coconut cream/milk, almond butter, and berries to your stick blender beaker (or something comparable).

Flavor with a TBS of vanilla extract and/or a TBS (or more) of unsweetened cocoa/cacao. If needed, add a sprinkle of stevia to bump up the sweetness.

wild berries

 (any berry will do–strawberries work especially well)

tube snacks

After stick blending pour the mixture into silicone tubes (FoodWorks – Silicone Popsicle Molds) making sure to leave a little head room for the lid. Position each tube so that it is upright in the freezer.

These summer tube treats can be eaten straight from the freezer like a push-up pop or, when allowed to soften, like a squeezable yogurt. On most days, I take a tube with me to work where I’ll keep it in the fridge or, if I’m out running errands, in a cooler. Once softened, I eat it with a spoon.

The tubes deliver cool and creamy contents in a “just right” serving size!

photo 2

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