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Be Lean in 2016!

Before we get to the recipe for THE Best New Party Food of 2016 (it’s novel, fun, and oh so appetizing), I’ve got to tell you about not one, but two 6 week fat loss offerings featuring the Better Fat Burner program. Be Lean in 2016 and The Fitness Game Changer Challenge are kicking-off in January.

Be Lean in 2016 features hormone optimization and includes consultations with Dr. Grace Evins (an OB/GYN and hormone expert) as well as lab work and sessions with a fitness and stress reduction specialist. 

The Fitness Game Changer Challenge features fitness and includes workouts designed by Keith of Inspire Personal Fitness as well as access to the gym and classes.

And… my 30 day Better Fat Burner Sustainable Fat Loss Program is, as always, available.

Details, details, details:

Live Well in WNC :  Be Lean in 2016! A Wellness Program Created by Dr. Grace G. Evins

Because it’s the start of a New Year and weight loss is at the top of most everyone’s resolutions list, Live Well in WNC is offering a 6-week Body Composition Reset: Be Lean in 2016! 

Here’s the skivvy:
By adopting our integrative and functional approach to weight loss you’ll naturally drop body fat (lose the pooch), become more vibrant, and look more radiant. Behind the scenes you’ll also be reducing your risk of developing a chronic disease.

We understand that you can lose weight following many programs, but what makes us so unique is that we assure it’s sustainable. Instead of mere “weight” loss we’re interested in “fat” ‘loss and muscle (lean body mass) maintenance.

We achieve this by addressing:
Balance of hormones
Nutrient density of diet
Effectiveness of exercise
Appropriate shifting of body composition
Alignment of the body
Stability of mood
Consistency of energy
Clarity of thought

You’ll be working with 4 different practitioners who will be working together to assure you get results—that’s how it’s integrative—and you’ll be enhancing health down to the cellular level—that’s how it’s functional

Just think, after this program, you can scratch “lose weight” off future New Year’s resolution lists!

Call our offices for more info & to join the challenge!


Learn more at the Live Well in WNC Open House. Heavy hors d’oeuvres and wine will be available. We’ll also be raffling off NeoStrata skin care products and facial peels, the Metagenics 10 day Detoxification program, and a free 6 week weight loss challenge/wellness consult.

game change

Introducing The Fitness Game Change Challenge!

A 6-week Advanced Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability challenge that includes access to our exclusive F.I.T.T. classes, webinars, workshop videos, individual and group phone consultations, shopping lists, individualized food plans and a private Facebook page for ongoing support!

Here Are The Details And Requirements:

  1. Saturday, January 9th, 2 PM: Attend the Fitness Game Changer Kickoff and sign up for your individual phone consultation with Blair
  2. Watch the Be a Better Fat Burner webinar and submit your Doable Day via email (
  3. 6 Week Challenge Starts Monday, January 18th
  4. So that you get the best results possible, you will commit to following an individualized nutrition plan.
  5. You will need to have a minimum of 12 gym visits and participate in at least 8 F.I.T.T. classes.
  6. View weekly workshop videos and post a question or comment regarding the content inside our exclusive, private Facebook group.
  7. Submit a question and call in (or listen later) to week three’s group consultation
  8. Satruday, February 27th, 2 PM: Attend the Fitness Game Changer Wrap-Up Party

All participants from the inaugural Fitness Game Changer became leaner–up to 9 lbs. of weight lost and up to 6 lbs. of fat loss!

 There’s a special price for early-birds so sign up soon: The Fitness Game Changer Challenge!

little big

How could this not be THE Best New Party Food of 2016? Bringing it to a New Year’s celebration guarantees you party invites for the rest of the year!

The variations are endless! I made mine in the oven (425°) with ground turkey. It had a sliced onion and jalapeño core and the exterior was basted with a homemade BBQ sauce.

bacon sushi

photo 2

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