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Menopause Happens: Own the Change is written for the woman who wants to retain or reclaim her vitality during the menopausal transition. This book details how to manage stress, food, fitness, fat loss, supplements, and hormones to bring on vibrant health during “the change.” As a registered nurse with an extensive wellness background, the author’s mission is simple: Make menopause feel more like a beginning, rather than an ending.

Menopause is full of changes and the chapters in this book are full of insights on how to address what is happening to your body. Although dense with information, each chapter is concise, making it a breeze to read. Would you like to know how to become a Better-Fat-Burner, stave off chronic disease, and get hormones to work for– instead of against– you? Want to learn about effective supplements and hormone replacement? Maybe you just want to better understand what the heck is going on? Menopause Happens: Own the Change has those answers and much more. This informative book includes a chapter with links on how to find a physician, and as a bonus, there is a listing of well over 100 resources, ranging from research studies to podcasts. OWN THE CHANGE!