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Better Fat Burner 101

Ever wonder why Low Carb and Paleo (as well as Primal, Whole30, Ketogenic…) are so crazy popular? Well, for anyone seeking sustainable fat loss, these approaches—rooted in Better Fat Burner principles—can be very effective. Better Fat Burner (BFB) principles are actually the secret to their effectiveness and are the foundation of most successful and sustainable fat loss programs.

Although it’s okay to do so, pledging your allegiance to one particular approach is not a requirement when your goal is simply to be a Better Fat Burner. Just so long as your food choices are BFB aligned, you’re free to pull from a variety of sources—tweaking and hodgepodging as you please. Eating to enhance fat burning is what it all boils down to!

To help you get a better handle on what’s involved, each weekday–via social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter)–I post a Better Fat Burner Link of the Day.  Representative of what I like and recommend, these links (to articles, blog posts, videos, and recipes)–pulled from a variety of sources–are all supportive of becoming a Better Fat Burner.

Also, I’ve put together a video tutorial. How to Become a Better Fat Burner captures the insider information from an initial consultation. It reveals how to set your body up to easily, readily, and preferentially burn fat for its energy needs–including your excess body fat!

Because I’m all about helping you to Be Lean in 2016, I’m offering up several promotions. For starters, everyone gets 16% off with the coupon code BELEAN2016.

And, for a limited time, I’ll be giving away one free video tutorial for every:

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Pretty good odds if you ask me!


How to Become a Better Fat Burner, a 45 minute tutorial, is divided into 6 streaming video segments making viewing and reviewing extra easy and enjoyable. You’ll also receive pdfs of the Better Fat Burner Shopping List and other supportive documents.

You can view and review the videos over and over again—videos will stream 12 times each for a maximum of 60 days!

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Speaking of which, let’s get all caught up since my last post…

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Les Mills – Knowledge Hub – Nutrition 101 – Seed and vegetable oils

Yoga High Intensity Cardio Workout! Yoga HIIT Workout, Yoga for Weight Loss – YouTube

Low Carb Starter Kit – how to start low carb living

Bio Markers That Mean Something | Ditch the Lipid Panel

Five Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetables

Tutor Session—Fruit on a LCHF diet | Fitter U

Bodyweight Flow – Tyler Bramlett Shares 3 Workouts – YouTube

The Health Benefits of Butyrate: Meet the Anti-Inflammatory Fat

When You See What’s In These Popular Fast Food Buns, You’ll Run! – Food Babe

Contest Poll: 2016 Primal Blueprint Recipe Videos | Mark’s Daily Apple

“LCHF Is the Greatest Gift You Can Give to Yourself and Your Loved Ones” – Diet Doctor

Standing Pilates – YouTube

Anxiety: 5 Ways to Reset from Anxious to Zen | Sara Gottfried MD

2 Week Grab & Go Keto / Paleo Diet Plan | The KetoDiet Blog

Top 20 Paleo Super Bowl Recipes – Primally Inspired

How to Keep from Losing Your Marbles | Fix Your Nutrition

7 Minute Workout to lose weight fast, burn fat and tone your body – YouTube

Sarah Ramsden | Ditching Grains Without Ditching Fibre – Sarah Ramsden

Maria Mind Body Health | NEW Adapt Bars – Maria Mind Body Health

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