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Better Fat Burner Renovations

As you may or may not have noticed, I transitioned this week from to–I needed a domain name that was appropriate for all my clients. The site’s look and content have not changed.

bfb sustain

Speaking of transitions,  a client of mine was not about to let her decision to become a Better Fat Burner stop her from going to her favorite café. She didn’t even give up her “usual”–it just got tweaked a bit. Take a look at the offerings of the day:


Most everything is BFB compliant, especially if you are tolerant of dairy and as long as you sans what makes it a sandwich (bread in this case). The lovely owners were more than happy to accommodate their loyal customer:

breakfat special Asheville Coffee Roasters is a hidden gem in many ways! Find them here.

Also this week, I tweaked a pizza crust recipe by substituting flax meal for the arrowroot flour (making it “as is”— find it here–is okay too). Because of the flax, I also added 2 TBS of apple cider vinegar, 2 TBS unflavored/unsweetened coconut milk beverage (So Delicious brand), and an extra TBS of olive oil. You could also use whole cow’s milk or water in place of the coconut milk. Extra tips on how to make a great pizza crust can be found here.

pizza ball

I ate mine without the cheese (topped with tomato sauce and XL pepperoni), it was delicious nonetheless! See below for another a pizza related BFB link.


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Here are this week’s #BetterFatBurner links:

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