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Be Lean in 2017


Be the Master of Your Wellbeing!

2017 is the year to take health matters into your own hands. For the greatest across-the-board impact, focus your efforts on becoming a Better Fat Burner.

Better Fat Burner principles are the foundation of most successful and sustainable fat loss programs including Low Carb, Paleo, Primal, Whole 30, and Ketogenic.

There are 3 critical aspects to mastering sustainable fat loss: knowing why you should do it, knowing how to do it, and actually doing it. But know that just “doing it”–blindly following a diet–will take you only so far. For truly sustainable fat loss, you need to engage the “why” and the “how” as well. Knowing the broad reaching impact and proper implementation heightens motivation and accountability; both of which are essential for success.   

To become the Master of Your Wellbeing, watch my How to Become a Better Fat Burner Video Tutorial . Divided into 6 streaming video segments, this 45 minute tutorial is a must-see for anyone interested in transforming their health, as well as their physique. Supportive documents, like the Better Fat Burner Shopping List, are also included.

Implementing the “why”, “how”, and “do” of becoming a Better Fat Burner–setting yourself up to easily, readily, and preferentially burn fat for your energy needs (including your excess body fat)–is easier than you think and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how innately satisfying it is. 

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The impact this will have on your life, now and in the future, is priceless! Give the gift of Better Fat Burning to yourself and share* it with the extra special people in your life.

*Enjoy unlimited streaming of each video for 90 days (feel free to share with friends and family). You’ll get 6 MP4s and 3 PDFs. With the purchase (and watching) of this video, you’ll also qualify for the discounted Better Fat Burner Follow Up Consultation rate.


I have lost 12 pounds and my husband has lost 20 pounds. Our cloths are fitting better and I really notice my stomach getting flatter, my rings are not as tight, and the best part is that I feel so much better. I love eating this way and I’m never hungry.” TJ

“Blair took my inventory and suggested I make a few minimal diet changes. I made those simple changes and lost 3.5 inches around my waist in 4 weeks. I continue to follow and live by my new eating habits; and I continue to see and feel the positive results. You will never know how good it feels to look and feel your best until you make the decision to change.” Kristy

“Just from when I first met with you, I have actually gone from 164.5lbs to 160.8lbs. Which are amazing results! I am now down to 156.3lbs using your steps and strategies. Everyone is asking how I am losing the weight and I have referred my coworkers to you.” Whitney

“3 months with 20 lbs lost, feeling so much better… I wake up earlier clear headed and less stiff and achy… not a diet, rather a life style enhancement… I have influenced 4 people to make this change because they noticed the change in me Sheila RN


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