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Afraid of What’s Lurking in Fish These Days?

Do concerns over mercury make you think twice about eating fish? Seeing as mercury is a toxin to the brain and nervous system—especially dangerous for a growing child and a developing fetus—there is certainly good reason to be leery of it. Luckily–with most fish–there is actually little need to fret thanks to the presence of selenium. Besides being essential to proper thyroid function, this protective mineral counters the toxic effects of mercury.

Most ocean fish qualify as being higher in selenium than mercury and are therefore considered safe for consumption; swordfish and king mackerel are two exceptions. As far as nutrient content and taste are concerned, the ideal is fish (and other seafood) that is fresh, wild caught, and sustainably harvested.

photo 1b

If fish were boastful, salmon could brag about being both low in mercury and high in omega 3 fat content. Eating foods high in omega 3 fatty acids combat inflammation and having a “just right” ratio of the essential omega fats (usually requires much more omega 3s and much less omega 6s) is protective against chronic disease and makes us better fat burners!

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Brushed with melted butter, topped with fresh rosemary, and grilled atop a cedar grilling plank, this salmon certainly earned bragging rights.

I highly recommend using cedar planks for grilling salmon. Be sure to follow the instructions which usually involves soaking the planks in water and heating them on the grill before use.

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Is eating fish safe? A lot safer than not eating fish!

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