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Now that my daughter is off to college, I am able to dedicate more of my time to getting the word out about the benefits of becoming a Better Fat Burner. I thoroughly enjoy sharing this powerful information and to witness the game-changing impact on my client’s health–inches down, energy up, health biomarkers enhanced–excites me to no end!


I offer my Better Fat Burner services online and locally through a physician’s office as well as a personal fitness gym. Beyond my experience as a registered nurse, I’ve spent many years working as an exercise physiologist, personal trainer, and nutrition consultant at various health clubs and rehab centers. My education includes degrees in Health Science, Nursing, and Fitness Management/Exercise Physiology. USAW Sports Performance Coach Level 1 is my most recent fitness certification.

I am a proud mother to a freshman in college and a wife to a man who still takes my breath away.

Becoming a Better Fat Burner is such a relief to the body–increased energy and a transformed physique is how it returns the favor!

Blair Wirkkala, BSN, MSS