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As you probably already know, each weekday I post a #BetterFatBurner Link of the Day on social media as well as sharing a compilation in blog posts. Since it’s been awhile since my last post, I’ve got an impressive backlog of links to share. In fact, if you perused a link a day–everyday–there are enough links to get you through to 2016!  

This daily dose of inspiration will keep your motivation up during the Holidays–make it your countdown calendar to a leaner new you in the New Year!  

Arrive at Day 1, 2016 a Better Fat Burner!

Here they are (in no particular order): 

Eat Fat, Lose Fat – Dr. Pompa

TOUGH MUDDER Workout!! – YouTube

Hidden reasons why you can’t lose weight | Fox News

Pepperoni Chips with Cream Cheese Low Carb Recipe

44 Healthy Low-Carb Foods That Taste Incredible

“To Failure” Reverse Burpee + Push-Up + Pistol Squat Challenge, Yo! – YouTube

How to Beat Sugar Cravings with Glutamine | Food Renegade

How Can I Lose Weight Eating Fat?

Caramelized Coconut Chips | Mel Joulwan : Well Fed

Lose weight? Or lose fat? | Phoenix Fitness and Martial Arts


3 Good Reasons to Stop Eating “Fat-Free”! – Dr Frank Lipman

Weight Loss: Low-Carb Diet Beats Low-Fat

Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Cream Sauce Recipe – Paleo Cupboard

10 Ways to Balance Your Hormones for Health, Energy and Weight Control

Yoga Dance Salutation – YouTube

Eat THIS to turn on your fat burning switch… | Unleash Your Thin

The “Just Eat More Fruits And Vegetables” Problem –

20+ Yummy Paleo Casseroles Recipes! | Oh Snap! Let’s Eat!

The truth about fat and sugar is finally explained – Men’s Health

Hack Your Mobility in ONE Minute – YouTube

Bone Broth — Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

20 Best Low Carb and/or Paleo Thai Recipes – IBIH


Do Sprints for Better Health and Performance: Lose Body Fat Without Losing Muscle – Poliquin Group

Why I Recommend Organic Foods To My Weight Loss Patients | Dr. John Salerno

PiYo Base Moves Tutorial with Chalene Johnson – YouTube

Why Low-Fat Diets Wreck Your Brain Health + What To Do About It – Dr. Will Cole

Vitamin D For Weight Loss? – Ask Dr. Weil

Vegetable Skilletini – Au Naturale! – Au Naturale Nutrition – Radiate Beautiful Health!

Paula Owens {Nutritionist, Functional Health Practitioner, Fitness & Fat Loss Expert}: Are You Low in Magnesium? Benefits of Magnesium

Good Nutrition in 100 Words – Real Food Liz

Spiritually Fly Yoga Sequence: Root Chakra (standing and balancing yoga flow level 2) – YouTube

Easy Crustless Bacon & Egg Pie – gluten free

Carbs, Fiber and Fat Loss | Metabolic Effect

Kids try dark chocolate for the first time – YouTube

Change Your Mind-Set to Start Losing Weight: Part 1 | Nutritional Weight and Wellness Blog

10-Minute Tighten-Up Workout Video from Shaun T – Shape Magazine

Les Mills – Knowledge Hub – Nutrition 101 – Big Fat Lies

Better than Peanut Sauce: Paleo Almond Satay Sauce – Rubies & Radishes

Weight Loss MYTH #1 – Au Naturale Nutrition

 7 Ways to Balance Your Blood Sugar

FFD Workout: Let’s Get FUNKtional! – YouTube

Sugar Addiction: How Sugar in Moderation Can Sabotage Weight Loss

You’ll never guess the 5 anti-ageing tricks Sarah discovered

Ultimate Healthy Lunch Box Ideas – sugar and grain free

Change Your Mind-Set to Start Losing Weight: Part 1 | Nutritional Weight and Wellness Blog

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