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5 Fave Foods From TJ’s and a Better Fat Burner Special Offer

NOW is the best time for you to become a Better-Fat-Burner! I am offering my 30 day sustainable fat loss program at 20% off for 20 women (first come first SAVE). If you want to transform your physique, decrease chronic disease risk, and become more vital—and you want to do it NOW—then this is the time and the program for you!

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With a focus on maintaining lean body mass and stoking metabolism, fat loss is accelerated and actually sustainable. Instead of being a diet of deprivation, the food choices are innately satisfying—even indulgent!

During the 30 days you’ll receive 4 consultations (phone, Skype, or office), 12 days of email support, shopping lists, customized eating plans, exercise prescriptions, Play-With-This-Food “assignments”, and much more!

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You won’t believe how life-enhancing this program is and the impact that it will have on your health—now and in the future—is priceless. Regardless of being pre, peri, or post-menopausal–NOW is the time for you to become a Better-Fat-Burner. Summer is just around the corner—let’s do this!



When a Trader Joe’s opened in our town, it took me awhile to get into the groove of shopping there. It is consistently busy and because of this, inventory is frequently low. Fortunately TJ’s management is more than happy to set aside items when they become available—they’ll even call to let you know when a particular product is back in stock. I have learned to buy a-plenty when one of my favorite items is back on the shelf!

My 5 Favorite TJ’s Items

  1. TJ’s Coconut Cream: full fat (higher MCT content–more about coconut and fat burning here) with a brown label. Although it’s not organic and does contain added thickeners (cellulose/gum), the taste and consistency is very good, the price is right, and the cans are BPA-free. Twice a day I mix coconut cream, coconut milk, and sometimes coconut shreds with cacao/cocoa powder (in the morning) and almond butter and berries (in the afternoon)—one is like a chocolate pudding and the other is like eating cookie dough (add vanilla, cinnamon, all-spice…). If there is not a TJ’s in your area, Native Forest Coconut Milk is a good alternative–organic, BPA-free cans. It’s more expensive, but occasionally Vitacost will offer it at a good price. 20150409_193433843_iOS
  2. Applegate’s Great Organic Uncured Beef Hot Dogs: these are major crowd pleasers—grilled, boiled, or oven cooked–adults, teens, and young-ins eat them eagerly; even when “bunless”! Most amazing, beyond the taste, is that the beef is organic and grass-fed! I usually have 2 a day and eat them with salsa and Tabasco (you may prefer mustard or relish). At work, I heat mine in the microwave using a pint-and-a-half mason jar and water. I cook on high until the dog comes up for air (rises to the top of the water)–only takes a minute or so. TJ’s price is typically 1-2 bucks less than other stores.
  3. TJ’s Nuts and Seeds: I buy a wide variety and especially like the pistachios with 50% less sodium. I use pieced raw nuts to make low carb granola. Again TJ’s prices are the lowest around.
  4. TJ’s Dark Chocolate Lovers 85% Cacao Bar: this is my “everyday” chocolate bar—affordable and yummy. I look forward to having ½ a bar every evening.
  5. TJ’s Flowers: with all the savings, I don’t feel guilty about buying flowers. Like everything else on this list, TJ’s bouquets are right for the picking!

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